Insights & Case Studies

Leading Stock Exchange

  • ‘After a series of Technical Innovations & releases, the benefit that would accrue to Brokers in Operations, Compliance etc. had not effectively reached them, resulting in lack of adapters to cutting edge innovations’.
  • Management rolled out a series of Learning and Development programs for the front end team thereby improving the productivity ratio.

Leading Commodity Exchange

‘Some brokers were specialists in specific commodities where their knowledge was more than that of the exchange itself. This resulting in many Business Development meetings being seen as superficial and lacking depth.
Management initiated a cross functional approach to engaging with such brokers who were specialists.

MNC into Core Metals

The value of the signage was unusually high in the crowded and dusty market places. What surprised us was the leg-up which the key dealers were getting for being perceived as authorized dealers of the MNC.

Business targets were sub-optimal and this was corrected using the insight that “Pride” has to be linked to business generated.

Three decade old NBFC brand

A move to trim workforce in line with the new age players was relooked at, based on Grassroots insights that due to a unique practice initiated by the founder, some teams existed in field offices which enjoyed an invaluable reach in local taluka offices resulting in strong Risk & Credit assessment and near zero NPAs.

Leading Metals player that depended OEM relationship

A global player had initiated a new style of selling – based on molecules & chemistry of metals instead of commoditized metal – to Auto Majors in India.

This observation compelled the management to rethink the legacy approach of selling and opened value-added revenue streams.

Sensitive Cargo Movement

This research not only focused on understanding the Pain Points in Logistics of High Value Sensitive Cargo, it also discovered many potential industry segments, where they were struggling to get a reliable partner.

Management created new teams to tap in to emerging high-value cargo segments with higher pricing power

Leading Branded Apparel dilemma

Retail visits and unique customer research showed that the Brand which was under the guillotine enjoyed the highest Average Billing Per Customer across the country. This was due to high disposable power of the loyal customer and also years of R&D which ensured that the sizing of garments was perfectly in line with the body type of Indian customers.

Management decided to retain the brand and has since flourished across metro cities.


Leading Airline Brand

We were able to evaluate Touch Points from Booking to Airport to In-flight to Departure for the Airline brand and benchmark it vis-à-vis competition. Observed that there are moments when Fliers like to be left alone and moments where they appreciate assistance.

Management created a dashboard to examine improved customer experience

Leading Hotel Brand

Study focused on mapping out areas which create high loyalty and high dissonance for guests. Interestingly, Food was where the heart was and then came wellness.
Senior Leaders realigned their score cards to carefully track the Service Standards in F&B offerings & SPAs.

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