RootedExperience1RootedExperienceTMMeasurement – The long term health of business depends on its strength of relationship with each of the stakeholders. It is important that business understands the pain points of critical stakeholders of business, in order to smoothen the operational issues by understanding the strategic implications on the business.

Grassroots RootedInsightsTM program accurately maps touch points of the business with the stakeholders and correctly identifies the issues to be probed with these stakeholders. Grassroots designs a research structure for measuring stakeholder experiences on each of these touch points to derive measurements and deliver actionable feedback to the senior management for each of the departmental touch points. Grassroots is also entrusted by most of the clients, with tracking this experience measurement on an annual basis.

Being an external agency, Grassroots captures, analyses and submits a very honest feedback. At Grassroots sufficient care is taken to deliver an issue based feedback and not a person based feedback.

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